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Nikki28's Poetry

In this site you will find some of my poetry, I hope you enjoy it.  There are 104 poems right now I will add more as I write them.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. Remember to sign the guest book at the bottom of this page Thank you so much for visiting my site.

Welcome Splash

There once was a time I will never forget,
To myself I was a constant threat.
I made everyone around me sad,
Because I was constantly mad.
The pain I felt deep inside,
Was getting built up, it I could no longer hide.
It came out in a rage,
At twenty eight was the age.
I felt it was the world against me,
But the only one that was against me, was me.
My world had crashed I almost lost everything,
My house,My Kids and even my wedding ring.
Until I took one pill a day,
Now my clouds are no longer gray.
My cloud has it's silver lining,
And the sun is always shining.
Shining down on my happy face,
I took life to embrace.
This is me I am now twenty nine,
I will always remember when the sun did not shine.
When it was the world I did hate,
When I was only Twenty eight,

.......This is why I call myself nikki28.

To see the world through the eyes of the moon..........
I shine on the world below,
With no other place to go,
I see you, you look up at me,
To see if its me you see,
I look back at you,
Nothing more I can do,
But shine apon you from the midnight sky,
From the time your born til the time you die,
I see many things from so far away,
Because I shine everyday,
Sometimes I'm Big Sometimes I'm  small,
One things for sure I will never fall,
Stars sparke and shine around me,
They are there to keep me company,
So when you look up to the sky at night,
admireing my bright moonlight,
Don't forget to say hello,
For I have no where else to go.......

Standing right beside you...
You lay your head on your pillow at night,
Hopeing everything will go right,
Your world is turning upside down,
And in your sorrows you'll think you'll drown.
But lift your head up high.
For gods love is in great supply,
He's always there when you need a friend,
Always there for his ear to lend.
All you have to do is pray,
For he's around everyday.
So when your feeling down and out,
And feeling that no ones about,
Remember god is standing right next to you,
Watching over everything you do.

It feels like the deadlyest sin,
With the emptyness she carries with in,
Her life falling apart in front of her eyes,
Because of way to many lies,
She feels the life inside,
Whos just along for the lonely ride,
It is her dream guy she wishes to me marrying,
Because it is his child she is carrying,
It is on her that this baby depends,
And maybe one day she can make amends,
There future for now is unknown,
But for the rest of there lifes they'll never be alone.....

Who Am I
Outside my window I hear the rain,
While I sit inside and slowly go insane,
My world is crashing all around me,
Can't anyone out there see?
The biggest question that I have is who am I?
Has my life been one big lie?
Who am I sapose to be in life?
A daughter, a mother or a wife?
If I be the real me,
Will they like what they see?
Or will they turn and shut me out?
Will I be alone with no one about?
Or will they love me just for me?
I guess that we'll just have to wait and see..........


I thank all who have signed my guest book for the wonderful and thoughtful comments that were made. I also thank  every poet for being an insperation to me.



Every dream is a story waiting to be told........