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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 2


On a hot summer day,
Just swimming away,
Friends all around you,
Always haveing something to do,
Doing homework together,
Thinking you'll be friends forever,
Breaking up with boyfriends,
Keeping up with latest trends,
Staying in or going out,
Thats what friends are all about.

Bundle of Joy
It can change everything you've ever known,
It makes you feel like your life is not your own.
It can take you on a rollercoaster ride,
With no handbook and no guide.
It has its ups and it has its downs,
It has lots of smiles and lots of frowns.
It can make you laugh, It can make you cry,
But the love you'll share is in great supply.
Your very own flesh and blood,
To run around and splash in the mud,
To drive you nuts in everyway,
For kisses and hugs everyday.
Good comes with  bad,
but at the end of the day,
you'll forget why you were ever mad.
Your little bundle of joy,
Your little girl or little boy

Weeping Willow
I walk through the darkness that is my life,
I walk through it as a daughter,mother and a wife.
The world will never know the pain I feel,
The pain that sits in my heart is too real.
In my dream I am a weeping willow tree,
struggling and trying to get free.
But my roots are forever stuck in the ground,
Never to speak, to make any sound.
Just sit there day after day,
with never anything more or less to say.
I wonder why my life is stuck in the abyss,
when all I really want is to feel eternal bliss.
To feel anything but the saddness inside,
Instead I'm here stuck in this hole where my roots reside.
One day this weaping willow will grow,
And my roots will come up from the ground below.
They'll sprout wings and fly away,
Never to cry another day.

Never Come back around.
Lonelyness swallows you up inside,
and all you want to do is hide.
Pain and sorrow is all you feel,
Everyone thinks the pain isn't real,
But its as real as it can be,
Hopefully the pain they will never see,
For  pain sits like a rock in your heart,
Then slowly but surely rips it apart,
You wonder if it will ever go away,
Or if forever it is here to stay,
Will love ever enter this hollow chest,
So that lonelyness maybe laid to rest.
And burried beneth this cold cold ground,
never to come back around....

Man on the moon
Say good bye to the man on the moon,
He's going now but he'll be back soon,
To light up the sky at night,
Is one truely beautiful sight,
To see the stars twinkle in the sky,
Makes you want to fly up high,
To fly around the clouds above,
Is something I would truely love,
But for now I'll say good bye
and dream of the moon way up high....


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........