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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 12

For you,
I sit here alone,
I sit on my throne,
I sit here and ponder,
As my brain does it wander,
Do you know my heart is true,
Beats every second only for you,
My heart is full of such devotion,
Bigger then any ocean,
For you is why I breath and live,
For you my life I would give,
My love for you grows everyday,
And this I know will never stray,
Together forever  is what we shall be,
Together forever for an eternity.

Heavens above
To a special man with all our love
Who watches us from the heavens above
Today is the day that you were born
Now that your gone its us who morn
but its your memories that will forever live
because of all the love you give
so on this day we celebrate just for you
eeven though your gone and we feel blue
we mikght even shed a tear
even though we know your still here
we know your with us everyday
so I guess theres one more thing to say
happy birthday to a man we love
who watches us from the heavens above.

Sometimes life can be hard and sad
but theres one thing that makes me glad
It is the memories of you
the love of a father the love so true
you'll never know how much you were adored
for now you sit right beside the lord
watching us from the heavens above
watching us with so much love
so on this special day
theres one thing i long to say
happy birthday

Right nixt to you...
When the ones we love disappear,
We think there far,
But they're really near.

Even though we may not see,
They're there,
Watching over you and me.

Our gardian angels from up above,
Sent from god,
with so much love.

So when your feeling blue,
Tink of the good times,
And know they're right next to you...


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........