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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 13


Wishing Stars
I see you twinkle everynight
your truely a mgnificent sight
Shineing up in the heavenly sky
Makes me want to reach up high
Even though I try everyday
You are however to far away
and so I'll make a wish on thee
and hope that my wish is set free
for that is why you are there
for hopeful eyes to sit and stare
thats what stars are sapose to do
be wishing stars for me and you.....

Your Wife


Its the sun on your face,
your tender embrace,
your warm glowing smile,
remembering walking down that isle.
being with you for the rest of my life,
as your lover and your wife.
loving each other through our growing years,
helping each other through our fears.
makeing a family and watching them grow,
the only gift for you i can bestow,
Is the love I have for you,
for you there isn't anything I wouldn't do,
your my angel, my lover and my life,
this is why forever I will remain your wife.

I loved the way you used to look at me,
Through your eyes its the real me you could see.
I love my job as a mother and wife,
Its the most rewarding thing I can do in my life.
But since they came they took over my job,
and now  its my life that they did rob.
They through hurtful words have put me down,
They through funny looks make me feel like a clown.
I know that I should stay tough,
but why do they feel like I don't love you enough.
The children and you are my life to live,
But I'm not sure how much more I can give.
I can't even think about you not in my life,
Can't think about what it would be like if I wasn't your wife.
So I will stay strong for now,
And hope that you will see these fears somehow.
For they do not control you or me,
We are but one soul in this world set free

Who I can Be
Why is it hen your at your worst people stop to stare,
And when your at your best theres no one there.
I wish people could sometimes see,
The best there is in me.
underneth this tough skin,
Is a softness burried deep within.
Everyone thinks I'm so darn strong,
i'd like to tell them they're all wrong.
I am only human you see,
This in life is all I can be.
Perfection is not something I can achieve,
For only in myself is what I can believe.
so knowing that people don't stop and stair,
or that the worlds not fair.
Is truely OK with me,
Because who I am in life is all I can be.....


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........