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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 14


If tommorrow never came
We go each day thinking of tommorrow,
but what if tommorrow never came,
would we feel the sorrow and shame?
If tommorrow never came,
Would are loved ones know we cared?
Would they feel the love we shared?
We should all take one day at a time,
Let love ones know you care,
Let them feel the love you share.
For you never know when your time is up,
you go to the big place in the sky,
and  leave  ones you love left behind to cry.
If you don't stop to smell the roses,
you'll have know one to blame,
If tommorrow never came.

Live each day as if it were your last
Never move through lif to fast,
Live each day as if it were your last,
For you never know when you might die,
and leave behind love ones to ask why,
Why  you never showed love and affection,
Why there left behind feeling so much rejection,
Instead live each day as if it were the last to ever be,
Then everyone can  surely see,
That your life is not just huried past,
That your living each day as if were never gonna last.

The Path To Erase
We walk the path of truth everyday,
Tring to keep from being in harms way.
But sometimes its not ment to be,
The path of lies is set free,
We try to cope the best we can,
Try to come up with a brand new plan.
To walk the path of our destiny,
Without paying the price of the lies fee.
With lies there comes a price,
How bad it is is a roll of the dice.
You'll never know until you come face to face,
Then and only then will the lies start to erase

NewBorn Start
Time stands still,
You feel a little chill.
Goosebumps go up your skin,
You feel like your life is about to begin.
Begin on a new journey,
To a wide open space where you are ment to be free.
The white light gets near,
You have not one fear.
You don't know where your going,
But the love inside just keeps on growing.
Until your sarounded by the ones you love,
Up in the heavens above.
You may have died but now are reborn,
The ones left behind will mourn.
Until it is their time to go,
Its that time that they will know.
You've been waiting there watching them below,
Waiting there for there time to go.
Welcoming them with an open heart,
Helping you with your new born start.


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........