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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 15

What I want to be
I am who I am,
But who am I?
I feel like I just want to die,
The world is crashing fast around me,
Can't anyone out there see?
What am I sapose to do?
I am constantly in a state of blue.
People expect to much of me,
and makes me think who am I sapose to be?
I do everything I can,
For my children and my man,
What in life  do I do for me?
What in life is there to do thats free?
I work my fingers to the bone,
never in life will you hear me groan.
There are these times when I get tired,
And wish to god that I'd get fired,
But I know this will never happen,
So I go on here and keep on flappin,
Will I ever be happy and free,
For this is what I want to be.....

I turn to you
When times are tough,
and times are blue,
I turn to you.
When skies are grey,
On this very day,
I turn to you.
When I'm crying or sad,
Or even a little mad,
I turn to you.
When I'm weaping teaps,
and the world sees my fears,
I turn to you.
You make my day,
When the skies are grey,
You are my sun,
When the day is done,
You pick me up when I'm feeling blue,
This is why I turn to you.....

In the rubble there lay a sword,
Through the years sweat and blood be poured.
By men who try to pull it from its rock,
But no man yet is to relese it from its lock.
To this day is just sits there,
Many come from around the world to stare,
To look at this moss covered blade,
that's not been relesed for over a decade.


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........