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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 16

If you love something set it free
You are as lovely as can be,
But I must in life set you free.
Free to go on without me,
So this I'll do, I'll set you free.

Go and never look behind you,
Look ahead to the wide open view,
My love will be there to carry you through,
The skies the limit, to your own self be true.

If you ever think of me,
Picture me under the willow tree,
Thinking of you and me,
Thinking if you love something you must set it free.

If it never returns, It wasn't meant to be,
But if you set it free,
And it comes back to thee,
It was forever meant to be.


Rainbows across the sky
Rainbows across the midnight sky,
Across the sky it does fly.
Underneth the bluest moon,
I do not wish for it to go soon.
Mountains stare of its colors of lights.
Amazing wonders of these sights.
Trees and grass look up at thee,
Pagens come to say blessed be.
A miricle of light in dark,
To see this brightly colored arc.

Darkened dreams
In your head there sits an owl,
through your mind you can hear its howl.
Sadness pours from your minds eye,
But its not tears its blood you cry.
As nightmares haunt you in your dreams,
aAncient times to far gone it seems.
Light through the darkened dreams shall break,
Soon, darkness will go and you will wake.

The Suicide
Time stands still,
after she takes the pill.
She wonders if it was wrong,
But knows shes just not that strong.
she thinks life was just to hard to bare,
As she waits for her last breath of air.
A tear rolls down her cheek,
As her arms and legs slowly get weak.
She wonders how much longer it would be,
Before she'd close her eyes and nevermore see.
She closes her eyes and thinks of her past,
And prays that the drug would take hold fast.
to end the pain that she feels inside,
Then she exhailed her last breath and died.
As her family morned her death,
They wondered what she thought of with her last breath.
Wondered how she could leave this plane,
How could they not know she was in that much pain.
So as they grieve for the loss of there loved one,
They prey that a better life for her has just begun,
A life filled with love and laughter,
So she may live happily ever after.

**** I would like to make it known that suicide is a one way street and  even though at times we all feel like its the way to go its not. We all have one life to live and theres a better way. If we're not here to try how are we going to know if it will ever get better and they usually do.

I Want
Theres something I've been wanting to say,
Its been on my mind everyday.
But to say I don't know how,
So I guess theres no better time then now.
I want to feel you next to me,
I want our minds and bodies set free.
I want to feel your lips on mine,
I want to feel that tingle up my spine.
I want to feel our bodies as one,
Until night is over and we see the sun.
I want to caress each other all night long,
I know these feelings I have can't be wrong.
There as right as right can be,
So take me now and set me free..


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........