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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 17

Online Smiles
I sit back and watch them flirting,
Talking about thier two hearts hurting.
Going back and forth makeing smiles,
Between thier hearts there are many miles.
But they keep on talking, an online love,
That to me seems to fit like a glove.
Can thier hurt stay in the past?
So that thier love can be sure to last.
Do they know that they are meant for one another?
Do they know that there is no other?
Thier love can fly a thousand miles,
I can see it all in thier online smiles....

Feel me and hold me tight,
Make me feel oh so right.
Touch me and squeeze me there,
Slap my butt and pull my hair.
Keep on going and make me moan,
Until one quick squirt and the feelings blown.
The feelings we shared I will always treasure,
I will treasure that 10 seconds of pleasure...

It makes you smile when your feeling sad,
It makes you laugh when your feeling mad.
It picks you up when your down and out,
It makes you want to screem and shout.
It makes your eyes roll in the back of your head,
It makes you never want to get out of bed.
It makes you feel sexy when your big and fat,
It makes you feel nice even when acting like a brat.
For better or worse it makes you a better you,
There isn't anything it won't do.
It will fall apon you from up above,
The it I'm speaking of is love.......

Mothers Wisdom
Cry and the world cries too,
Love and they'll love you.
Smile and makes someones day,
Always have something nice to say.
If you can talk the talk,
Always make sure you can walk the walk.
Find the one person you hate,
Do something nice to see what you create.
Always walk with your head held high,
Always try to never lie.
Never try to be a star,
Always stay true to who you are.
Remember mothers advice is often taken lightly,
But always hold on to it tightly.
For you never know,
When its her time to go....


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........