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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 18

I pray for the strengh to keep myself sain,
I pray for the ability to deal with the pain.
I know your listening to the prayer that I give,
I know you have the ability for my sins to forgive.
I am not perfect far from it in fact,
Somedays I cannot help the way that I act.
However I am me,
Its all I can be.
So give me the strengh to deal with what you have in store,
Help me to pick myself up off the floor.
I need your guidence to lead me  where I'm suppose to go,
Help my heart and make it grow.
Let laughter come in to my heart,
Let me make a brand new start.
To live my life without fear,
To make all the bad things disappear.
With you by myside I know it will ring true,
There is not anything in this world you can't do.

A Witches Prayer
Mother of wind hear my plea,
as I am down on bended knee.
I know you have a grand design,
But could you heal this broken heart of mine?

Great Mother of Earth heed my prayer,
Life is getting to hard to bear.
Please send me peace to lay to rest,
In this empty hollow chest.

Mother of Water hear my cries,
As tears fall from these saddened eyes.
Wash away my loneliness,
For in me it is in excess.

Firey Mother from down below,
Heal my heart and make it grow.
Let love into this cold dark place,
So that I may live in eternal grace.

Earth,fire,wind and water,
heed the prayer from you loving daughter,
I am down on one knee praying to thee,
saying blessed be.

To Love
A feeling of a knife running through my heart,
Always together but, constantly apart.
When smiles should be everyday,
And thoughtful things should be the things we say,
Its always empty sounds,
And we are always wearing frowns.
To love is to hold,
At night I feel so cold,
To love is to kiss,
This is one of the things I miss.
Everyday on my mind it rattles,
Through my everyday fights and battles.
To love you is to know you,
And I know you,
I love you.

Through it all
Outside I see the rain,
Inside I feel the pain,
Its  slowly driving me insane.
Why does life hurt so bad?
Why am I always sad?
Thinking about what we had,
My mind races to find a cure.
But its uneasy and unsure,
Why do I constantly feel this torture.
Love has its highs and lows,
All you wish is to watch as it grows,
Grows and blossoms like the sweetest rose.
But at times it cuts like the sharpest knife,
Through your heart to end your life,
Ending what might be known as husband and wife.
Life goes on it doesn't go back,
So always try to stay on the  right track,
Or you might just slip and fall through the crack.
But know I will be there to catch you when you fall,
All you have to do is call,
I will be there through it all.


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........