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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 20

the love we once shared
I cry because I can,
Its the only thing I know how to do.
I cry because I'm hurt,
My heart has turned a shade of blue.
I hurt because you spoke,
And told a little lie.
I hurt because you left,
and never said good bye.
I'm week because I'm sad,
The loneliness has swallowed me whole,
The loneliness I feel,
consumed my heart and sole.
I smile because I know,
That simple things in life,
Are the better things,
A husband can give a wife.
So when you go with her,
Remember I still care,
Remember all the times we had,
And the love that we once shared

forever scared
Tears do these eyes cry,
life is just one big lie.
life is not all happiness and fun,
life weights on your shoulders like a ton.
Bills come in money goes out,
Nothing to do but just sit and pout.
Thinking of what life should be,
What else in life there is for me.
Will life ever give me a break,
or will it just take and take and take.
Life I know shouldn't be this hard,
But because it is my heart is forever scarred

The sun sets on my world without you,
Happiness is no more,
My heart has turned cold,
Right down to the core.

Everyday seems so endless,
Seems like time is standing still,
I wonder if you will ever come back,
My life to live there is no will.

I wish for the sun to rise again,
To give me back my heart,
So I may once again be happy,
And we shall never be apart.

But if that day never comes,
Know that I will still be here,
Waiting for your love to touch my heart,
Waiting every miniute, every hour, every year.

Roots and wings
Rock a by baby laying in our bed,
Always remember what we said,
We will always love you,
No matter what you do,
Perfect is not what we want you to be,
I hope this is plan for you to see,
In this life there will be good times and bad,
We hope that you will never be sad,
And always have everything you desire,
Includeing love that sets your heart on fire,
To help you in live there are three things we can give,
The first is your one and only life to live,
The second I want you to know,
Is roots of your family and the ability to make it grow,
The third before I say good bye,
Is wings so that you may always fly


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........