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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 3

A good man is gone.
The sun was shineing,
The wind blowing,
I sat on the bench,
Sat there just knowing,
People passed by looking,
I just sat there in tears,
While people passed by,
Comeing true were my fears,
You were gone forever,
No more love to share,
A good man is gone,
And the world keeps on going they dont even care,
You will be missed by all,
You'll never know how many truely love you,
A good man is gone,
But there is nothing more we can do,
But sit and remember the good times we shared,
and hope you knew that we truely cared.

Cry and Cry
In the stary midnight sky,
I sit alone and cry and cry,
a star has fallen from the black,
i want so much to put it back,
But how do you put back a fallen star,
To reach up is much to far,
To wish it back maybe it could be,
So I'll close my eyes and we shall see,
But alas it is to far away,
perhaps it will shine another day,
But for now its not in the sky,
So I'll sit alone and cry and cry......

Child of mother,
Child of father,
Made to feel like shes a bother,
They constantly fight all the time,
but she blocks it out like its a mime,
Will one day they get along,
and instead of fighting sing a happy song,
She wants to hear happy sounds,
Instead of looking at saddened frowns,
But until that day is finally here,
She lives in constant caous and fear.
This is a point I am trying to make,
My god in heaven what does it take,
To open our hearts to each other,
so that one day we may learn to love one another....



Every dream is a story waiting to be told........