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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 19

God Is Standing Right Beside You.
You lay your head on your pillow at night,
hopeing everything will go
your world is turning upside down,
and in your sorrows you think you'll drown.
but lift your hopeful head up high,
for gods love is in great supply,
always there when you need a friend,
always there for his ear to lend,
all you have to do is pray,
hes always around everyday,
so when your feeling down and out,
remember to look about,
god is standing right beside you,
watching over everything you do.....

Unbreakable bond
Sitting there coloring in a book,
Getting every little nasty look.
Telling them no soda in the morning hours,
Building out of blocks tall towers.
Taking them bike riding,
Going to plays watching them sing.
Packing school lunches everyday,
Watching them grow through play.
keeping them safe everyday of the year,
Consouling every single tear.
Wiping away watery eyes,
Catching them in countless lies.
Then at night in their room you creep,
To see how peaceful it is when they sleep.
We go crazy with them there,
We would miss them if they wern't here.
Hate to love, love to hate,
Its the life we did create.
Its a bond that makes you feel you've always won,
Its a bond that can never be undone.

tears of a christmas story
Spread good tidings and Chritmas cheer,
But no presents under the tree is what parents fear.
Its hard enough to keep food on the table,
Let alone to have things like a phone or cable.
But presents to give to thier little ones,
There daughters or even their little sons,
Is the hardest to come by this time of year,
You'll see many sobbing So many in fear.
No cars, No bikes, or even toy planes,
No trucks, No robots or even toy trains.
No doll, for a little girl named sue,
She'll be so sad she won't know what to do.
She'll ask Was I good Mom will say yes with a sigh,
Then with a tear young sue will ask why?
Why to my house did Santa not come?
I left milk and cookies and who it was from.
Mom will just cry, she'll sit there in fear,
For the world had just sucked away all her cheer.
On this day It has shrunken her down even smaller,
For they have taken every last dollar.
Moms life feels like the Hurricane in Louisiana
For the Toy Stores of the world are killing Santa.

Mothers wisdom
Cry and the world cries too,
Love and they will love you.
Smile and make someones day,
Always have something nice to say.
If you can talk the talk,
Always make sure you can walk the walk.
Find the one person you hate,
Do something nice to see what you create.
Always walk with you head held high,
Always try you best never to lie.
Never try to be a star,
Always stay true to who you are.
Remember a mothers advise is often taken lightly,
But always hold on to it tightly.
For you never know,
When its her time to go.

Heat of Summer
Sun shining, skies so blue,
       Air so hot nothing to do,
But watch the flowers grow,
       And an occasional passing doe.
The wind blows a sigh of calmness,
       From the sky to your cheek to kiss.
In the water kids are splashing,
       Running, jumping, and laughing.
While adults just sit there waiting for it to cool,
       Until the heat doesn't give in and one cannon balls in the pool.
Heat of summer makes adults have fun,
       Instead of sitting in the boring sun


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........