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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 21

This was written by friends

Small town girl
Around the corner of a small town,
There was a girl who wore a frown,
People would often stop and stair,
But then walk away without a care.
She had horns on top of her head
Her hair was black, her dress red
Everyone laughed, called her a dork
Wait till they see her pitchfork
She trimmed the horns.
She bought a new dress.
She got a boyfriend.
His name is Jess.
He took her out to dine,
There she had her first taste of wine.
In this fancy resterant a crowd,
It was then she got a little loud.
but it was okay
Jess said with a smile
I do believe
I too can get a little wild
And wild though you may be
I wish you could stay with me.
I'll make sure it never ends-
he got stopped right there.
Her name was Mandy.
She just smiled.
And said "We should wait
A little while
She gave him a hug
And walked away
He stood still on the rug
Not sure what to say
Did she love him
Or did she not?
He sat down on the rug
And began to plot
What could he do to win her heart,
So that they would never be apart.
She was only a small town girl,
But in an ocean of crabs she was his pearl.
He thought long and hard to come up with a plan
He would try to win her over anyway he can
For he wasn't exactly known for his good looks
Would she want a man who kept his nose in books?
He couldn't sing
But that could be learned
Or maybe it's a poet
For whom she yearned.
So he wrote a poem to tame her soul,
This would surely win back the heart he stole.
A love poem that could steal the stars,
From the eyes of yours mine and ours.
She scoffed at his pathetic appeal
And grew back her horns, at will
Tore his beating heart from his sleeve
And left him there to bleed
Jess said, "Wait.
This just can't be
All I wainted was
For you to love me."
"i did love you, you pathetic fool
but i am just a small town girl.
what on earth could you see in me?
don't i make your bleeding heart curl?"
“Give me time”, jess did plead
“I’ll fulfill your wants and needs”
“Give me time, please don’t leave”
“We’ll be happy, we’ll succeed”
And so she did on that day,
she remembered the thoughtful things he'd say.
So as time went on and on,
one morning he awoke to realize she was gone.
While he slept
Where did she go?
Will she come back?
He doesn't know.
Years went by not knowing where she went,
It killed him inside thinking about the time they had spent.
He wondered if she would come back someday,
Hopefully she will but before I'm old and gray.
He still dreams of her,
the memories are not a blurr.
He hopes she comes back,
Hope is something he doesnt lack.
One day he received a letter.
It said Jess, I think you'd better
Find another girl.That's what you should do.
I am just no good for youl
Jess said, No, shes the one
Nobody else could be such fun
I don't care what I have to do
The only girl for me, is you
Alas my lost forgotten lover
I have a flame who’s like no other
I know I left you with such sorrow
But my heart belonged to another
oh what sorrow, oh what woe
where should this poor boy go.
moving on is not an option
"i should win her, with no corruption."
Mandy was gone, lost forever.
Happy with Joe,her new lover.
One night as they were lying in bed
He felt 2 knobs on top of her head.
"What are these?" Joe wanted to know.
Her horns had again begun to grow.
This goes to show when its happiness you find,
Remember to keep in mind,
Where you came from and where you want to be,
or you'll end up like jess and mandy.

This was written by: D.Robert,E.L.O.,mystry,Khristey West, e j emery, the furie, Hate to Love, and Nikki28


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........