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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 22

This was written by friends

Small town girl
Around the corner of a small town,
Sat a girl who wore a frown.
People would often stop and stair,
But then pass her by with out a care.
As the weeks rolled by
her frown became a smile
and all the passersby
backed up traffic for a mile.
She just sat on that step
Hair unruly and unkept.
Everyone stopped to stare
at that little girl sitting there.
The little girl cried
And she prayed
That a true friend
Might pass her way
Then a stranger
Passed by her way
He touched her heart
When he asked her to pray
Lets pray for Health,
When most pray for wealth,
We will pray for water and bread,
And a warm place to lay your head.
And no one noticed this girl one day.
Was she dead or did she just move away?
Here she is on the front page of the paper today!
Last night she was crowned Miss USA!
She traveled all around the place,
Happiness was the only expression on her face.
Helping others who were lonely and sad,
Made her happy made her glad.
She spoke at conventions,
in large groups or small,
telling of Christ's intervention
into her life and all.
This little girl is still waiting
For the right man
To still her heart
And take her by the hand
someone to love her
for the rest of her life
And be strong and couragious
When he asks her to be his wife
One day she saw a man on the street,
With snarley hair and no shoes on his feet.
She picked him up and took him home,
Cleaned him up and gave his hair a comb
With each day convalescing
with our Lord from above
He gave them both the blessing
of a never-ending love.

Written by:bradmurphyackermanms,norman,beckihodges,and nikki28


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........