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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 23

I'll be there for you.
Things in life can often be hard,
This is why I send you this card.
To let you know I'll always be there,
To let you know I'll always care.
So if you ever need me to lend a helping hand,
Right next to you is where I stand.
Just call me I'll be on my way,
To sit in silence, talk or even to pray.
I will be there for you,
When your skies are blue.
I'll be there when the skies are shining,
To help you get to that silver lining.
I'll lift you up and make you feel whole,
Your heart and mind I will console.
And when I am feeling ignored,
Know that I will still be forever your Lord


Times Hands
Somedays I wish I could turn back time,
To go back to undo my crime.
To know then what I know now,
To be a better person is what I would vow.
I would be a better daughter, mother, and wife,
Maybe then we would have all had a better life.
Even though I can't turn back time's hands,
I hope that someday my family understands.
I am who I am,theres nothing more I can be,
I hope this is clear for my family to see.
Even though I have changed, and cannot erase my past acton,
I hope my changes are to your satisfaction.
This is me for all to see,
Theres nothing more for me to be

I cry tears
       for a lost soul,
That through
       Time has taken a toll,
On a wounded,
       Heart of gold,
Not one like it,
       It boke the mold.
Its love
       Climbs higher then any mountain,
In this life
       Like him theres only one man.
He's not a,
       Joe, a steeve or a rob,
He's forever known,
        as my bob

Home is where your heart is
A house is not a home,
Its where ever you may rome.
Your heart can travel here and there,
But your heart and soul will always care.
Your family is your true heart,
This will never be torn apart.
Family and homes go hand and hand,
They can't slip through your fingers like sand.
They'll always be there for all time,
For your family is forever your partners in crime.
Its a love hate relationship,
That from your heart you can never strip.
For as the saying goes,
You can pick you friends,You can even pick your nose,
But as for your family you can't pick those.

Every dream is a story waiting to be told........