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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 24

Father & Son
The love between a father and son,
Can never be broken by anyone.
Through countless miles of road and gravel,
They can feel it in thier hearts thier love  can travel.
From talking everyday,
From near or far away,
Even if they havn't spoken in years,
They can still feel each others hopes and fears.
They can feel love shared by each other,
A love like that can't ever be broken by another.
Beyond there time on earth is done,
They will be forever father and son.

The End
He loves me, he loves me not,
I feel like my hearts been shot.
Cut open with a sharp knife,
Bleeding badly enough to end my life.
My heart cannot live without your fire,
It is its only true desire.
So as I sit here and slowly die,
Tears will fall as I cry.
My love for you lasting an eternaty,
As it has not from you to me.
There is one thing I want you to know,
As I lay here before I go.
My love for you will stand the test of time,
As I slip from this world and end this rythm.

Tears roll down my face,
A saddness that only time can erase.
The love that once was is no longer within,
I long for you to touch my soft supple skin.
For your lips to kiss mine,
To feel that tingle up my spine.
To feel your love all around me,
To feel my heart and soul set free.
Why anymore do you not see,
What In our life we used to be.
We once shared everything together,
I want that feeling to last forever.
But it has gone so far away,
I want it back right now today.
Come back to the one that holds your heart,
So that we may nevermore be apart

Nagging feeling
Wakeing up in the middle of the night,
Feeling like somethings just not right.
You can't quite put your finger on it,
But it sits there in your stomach like a pit.
You climb out of bed and look around,
But nothing wrong can be found.
You keep on looking for something to find,
Feeling like your slowly loseing your mind.
You go back to bed with your eyes sagging,
While in your stomach it keeps on nagging.
Morning comes and you leave for work,
A cop pulls you over and you feel like a jerk.
That feeling that was nagging you all night long,
That feeling you felt that something was wrong.
It was your car insurance you forgot to pay,
I'm sorry officer is what you say,
I'll go right now and pay it right away.

Rules for Happiness
We all have writing we want read,
So we post our poems on this here thread.
We pray for everyone to like what we've wrote,
And hope that we get good crit in the quote.
We follow the rules provided to us,
But with some, this is something to discuss.
We must only post one poem a day,
And respond to three others is what we must obey.
To be fair to all on this wonderful site,
Is the thing to do, its the thing thats right.
Then we can grow from reading others writing,
Then we know there will be no fighting.
Lets make all this fighting stop,
So that way we can all be happy in the poetrycoffeeshop.


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........