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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 25

Sorry I killed the big guy
Jingle bell Jingle bell Jingle bell Rock,
I think I hear a tiny Knock,
Up On the roof top way up high,
How could that be people can't fly?
So I jump out of bed,
I grabbed a knife then grabbed a bat instead.
I ran down the stairs of my house,
Tring to be as quiet as a mouse.
I threw open the front door,
I almost slipped and fell to the floor,
When I heard sounds coming from my livingroom,
I walked in, swang my bat,and sent the creep to his doom.
I then turned on the lights to see who it was,
It was the very merry Santa Claus.
In shock I fell to my knees,
Saying this can't be right, Say I'm dreaming please.
I write this you to tell you my tale,
As I sit here forever in jail.
So don't be like me,
Before you swing that bat, turn on the light and see.
One more thing before I say good bye,
I'm sorry I killed the the big guy


Why does life have to be this way.
Life has its ups and downs,
Many a smiles and many a frowns.
Bills  come in bills go out,
Sometimes you wonder what lifes all about.
Everyday we give our blood and sweat,
To always be forever in debt.
Bills go up but not the pay,
Why does life have to be this way?
Kids in school even have it hard,
For at the schools door sits a gaurd.
Makeing sure no guns are brought,
Makeing sure our kids are tought.
Kids coming home safe is what parents prey,
Why does life have to be this way?

Times are tough,
  I wish things would settle down.
I'm never happy,
  Always walking around with a frown.
I check the mail,
  Just bills that are over due.
Same thing everyday,
  Today is nothing new.
The cost of things go up,
  But never the pay.
People scrimping and saving,
  I guess life is just this way.
Why does this have to be this way?

The Call
When I was very small,
around 6 or 7,
I remember getting a call.

From a man I never met,
He asked me how I was doing,
I said fine to the man I was not knowing,

He said he was sorry he'd never come around,
and that he had missed out on a lot of years,
I could hear in the phone, I could hear his tears.

He had said he had wished he could see me one day,
but he din't think that would ever happen,
Then the phone went dead there was nothing more to say.

Years passed since that call,
over the years I've grew,
For I am now twenty two,

I still wonder about that man,
who he was, where he's from,
all I know was his name is stan.

I asked my mother who he was,
she wanted to know why I asked,
I just replied just because.

she answered in a weapy voice,
hes a man I knew a long time ago,
who had made a very unwise choice.

He choose drugs and alcohol,
He's the reason you were born,
And from our lives he was torn.

He died the day he made that call,
But you were the last thing on his mind,
It was your forgiveness he was tring to find.

He loved you in his own way,
So please dear don be mad,
For he will always be your dad


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........