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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 26

Feel the love
Some problems with the world today,
Is people have a lot to say,
But when they open up thier mouth,
Somethings that come out tend to go south.
Hurtful words are often spoke,
With out any reason or words to provoke.
Lies tend to spill out
Lies that make you want to scream and shout.
We all need to be a little more truthful,
When push comes to shove,
We'll all feel the love.

Thinking of the future or when our love was new,
One thing I know of is always held true,
The One thing I love to do,
Is to love you,you,you,you,you.
You may think that is something that you knew,
Or that maybe I just may have lost a screw,
Or two.
I love to make sweet sweaty dew,
With the one and only you,you,you.
Our bodies together like they were stuck with glue,
Looking at each other we have the perfect view.
Unitl I do a big achoooooooo,
And say not tonight honey I have the flu.

Feeling like a weary drone,
She walks this lonely world alone.
No one in life to make her grin,
Just loneliness felt deep within.
Her heart longs for someone to love,
The love that shes been dreaming of.
She longs for him to hold her tight,
To make everything in this world right.
He would make the saddness go away,
He'd make her smile everyday.
Never would she feel like a weary drone,
Never would she walk this world alone.
He'd be her lover and her best friend,
He would be there til the end

In These Times
In these times we walk around,
because there are answers to be found.
The questions life has out there,
sometimes are to hard to bare.
but we get through it from one time to another,
searching for answers from our earth mother.
we make it through these troubleing times,
sometimes through song sometimes through rythmes.
through all these times we strive,
to get to the place where we feel most alive

A land of make believe


Once upon a time in a world of make believe,
Moms are always happy and dad's would never leave.
People are always friendly weather you’re here or there.
No one is with out clothes they always have things to wear
There is always food enough to eat no matter of the cost,
When people go to bed at night it is from sheer exhaust.
A horse is all you needed to get into town,
and there is always someone there to help a lady down.
Know one has to worry about the price of gas today,
Or on their credit cards what they have to pay.
There's no interest on houses they build it with each hand,
And treasure every little bit of their own land.
We live in a world today, That everyone says is better,
We send e-mails everyday instead of a simple letter.
The gas is going up, no one can afford to live,
The government just takes and takes and never wants to give.
Why can't we just go back to living in the past.
Why did we feel it had to change, why did it not last.
Are we moving forward or really moving back,
If prices keep on rising the world will be living in the same little shack.
While the at a fancy dinner table sits each politician,
Sitting there drinking wine with each cheery disposition.

Every dream is a story waiting to be told........