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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 4


To My Loved One
Too much time has gone bye,
since I last saw your face.
I miss your kiss,
and your ever loving embrace.

Your simple words,
That touched my soul,
That lifted my heart,
and made me whole.

There are times when your eyes,
Would say the words that your voice could not.
They would say more then I could dream,
These are things that I have not forgot.

Until the day I see you again,
I will think of you everyday,
You will be in my heart and in my soul,
for my love for you will never go astray

Don't Ask Me to Smile.
I'll do what you want ,
But don't ask me to smile,
Just leave me  a list,
And I'll walk the mile,
I'll work day and night,
I'll clean and I'll dust,
I'll do what I must,
A maid is what I will be,
To do the shopping is what you will see,
My eyes will be saddened ,
and full of tears,
For to lose my family,
Is what my heart fears,
So I'll do what I must,
I'll walk the mile,
For I love my family,
Just don't ask me to smile.

Innocents Lost
In a world of darkness,
Where no light seeps in,
There lays an innocent soul,
So grown up it seems,
But a child still lays within.

A world of hurt,
Rests apon her soul
So deep within her heart,
A child so young will grow,
Without love to make her whole.

What could have happened that,
She would have to pay such a cost?
Who would do such a terrible thing?
To make her innocents lost


New Day
I love to watch you sleep,
To watch the sun rise apon your face,
In the earliest of morning,
As your limbs start to move,
And your eyes start to flutter,
You come out of your sweetest dream,
And open your eyes to a brand new day

Day by Day
Time slips by us as we go day by day,
We try to do right by the things we do and say.
At times in life we fail to do the right things,
But we take and give only with what life brings.
We only hope and pray that people know we care,
And always in life feel the love we share.
We should all take a step back in our mind,
To make sure that we were always kind.
Then each day make sure we take each step day by day,
Because life itself should just be lived this way

One day
She walks in the moon light,
looking for love at first sight,
Where might her true love be,
Has he drifted out to sea,
Wtih sand beneath her feet,
She prays that she will one day meet,
The one that will steel her heart away,
One Day.....

Am I
Am I wrong
Am I right
Do I see
Or have I lost my sight
Do I hear
Or am I def,
Is this fear
Or a lonely tear
Is this love I feel
Or can any of this be real

Every dream is a story waiting to be told........