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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 5

Theres a part of me that reminds me of you,
Maybe the way I talk or something I can do
When I see you, I see the child tring to get out,
Then I see you smile and with us run about
Good grandparents are hard to find
but you guys are truely one of a kind
The love that you share
Lets us know you truely care
Weather its watching tv or fllying a kite
Being with you is a true delight
Even when we are week or wrong
you always make us feel right and strong,
the way you kiss our face
and with every loveing embrace
the way you wipe away the tears
all through our growing years
with everything you do
we want you to know we love you....

I often wonder what its like to hear a thank you,
For all the little things I do.
I try so hard from day to day,
To think of thoughtful things to say,
But no kind words are ever given back,
I constantly feel like I'm under attack.
A question I want to ask,
When I am done with each and every task,
There is one thing I want to know,
Where do the forgotten ones go?
Do they go to heaven or do they go to hell?
I want to know so please do tell.
Will I live in another dimension?
Like an all forgotten ones convention?
Can anyone just say thank you?
For all the little things I do.
Then maybe I won't feel so forgotten,
And maybe then you won't feel so rotten....



Husband and wife
I always thought he wanted you not me,
Now this time I can really see,
Your nothing more then a big fat liar,
And I am his true desire,
The life that we share,
Can't ever compare,
To anything you will ever have in your life,
For I am his partner, soulmate, and wife,
I bared his children from my womb,
It is his love I will consume,
For the rest of our days,
In each others eyes we will gaze,
Never will he think of you ever,
Because our love will last forever,
As husband and wife,
for the rest of our life...

Forever Family
I'm a friend you can call upon,
When ever you are down,
I'll be there in a hurry,
To turn that frown upside down.

If you need a helping hand,
With anything life may bring,
I'll be there to lift you up,
To help with anything.

In life theres ups and downs,
Many smiles and many frowns,
We might not always get along,
But our friendship will forever be strong.

Life is not always fair,
People don't always show they care.
We may not always see eye to eye,
We might even make each other cry.

The point to my story,
Is In life there is no glory,
Just friends who are always there,
Ones who really care.
Even though they might not always agree.
They are forever in life my Family.

Every dream is a story waiting to be told........