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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 6


Lost love is in your heart.
The clouds are grey
on this very day
for i am here and you are gone
somedays i cant even see the dawn
the ones you love are left behind
Its the love that you gave that we try to find
even though your not here
we forever will feel you near
always watching over everything we do,
and helping us with getting through
even though the clouds are grey today
we know your love will never stray.

Star Light
Star light star bright
no stars in the sky tonight
I wish I may I wish I might
see the grace of loves true light
to feel the depth of my true desire
to set my heart and soul on fire
to never feel wrong and sometimes right
oh how I wish the stars were out tonight
To shine apon me from up in the sky
to wip[e the tears so I no longer cry
To fill my heart with joy and laughter
so I may live happily ever after

Stinky Opinions
At times hurtful words are spoke,
And you wish that the one who said it would choke.
Just remember stones and sticks,
And to change another is something you can't fix.
They might say things to break you down,
They might even get you to frown.
But keep your chin up high,
Remember you don't have to cry.
People love you for you,
They won't love you less for things others may do.
Always know everyones got opinions,but I think,
What may come out may truely stink.


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........