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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 7


A Sound
One night I woke up in a daze,
I made my way through the darkened maze,
I heard angelic humming coming from somewhere,
I searched around looking here and there,
I looked high, I looked low,
Where it was comeing from I did not know.
I was about to give up when I turned my head,
The noise I had heard was comeing from my daughters bed.
Peeking around her bedroom door,
What I heard was her little snore.
A sound so sweet to my ears,
A sound I will remember for many years

She tries to fly,
She doesn't know why,
She walks around with a frown,
Because she constantly gets put down,
She constantly feels blue,
Because of everything she tries to do,
Gets pushed aside,
But she stays along for the ride,
One day she'll take a stand,
and on her feet she will land,
Everything she does will be right,
and no longer have to fight,
And she will fly and she'll know why.......

She said yes
Its a tear in your eye,
and the feeling you might cry,
your sitting there eating,
you can only hear your own heart beating,
its as if everything is in slow motion,
as he's expressing such emotion,
You've waited for this moment all your life,
the moment he'd ask you to be his wife,
as he gets down on one knee,
Saying will you please marry me,
Your heat is fluttering,
you want to say yes with out stuttering,
Knowing youve made your choice,
You say with a shakey voice,
You are the love of my life,
Yes I will be your wife.........

In life thier are many types of people,

Some that are lovers,
Who are born to love.
Not just themselves but everyone and everything.

Some that are fighters,
Who are born to fight.
Fight for rights. rights of others and rights for themselves.

There are some that are meek,
Just born calm and quiet.
Who will do anything for anyone at any giving time.

There are some that are old fashion,
Some with so much passion,
Some that are creative,
And some never willing to forgive.
There are people who are positive,
People who easily forgive.
People who are rude,
and sometimes down right crude.
Many types of people make up this world,
It makes us who we are,
A world of good and a world of bad,
A world of happiness and some sad.
But its who we are,
Each a different individual shooting star.


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........