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Nikki28's Poetry

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page 8


One big Family
On your nerves it does rattle,
Its a constant everyday battle,
to pay on that one or this,
Not a payment do you want to miss.
Times are changeing
And the future needs rearangeing,
Everyone is haveing it hard these days,
Because nothing anymore pays,
To not feed our kids,
is what this nation forbids,
But someone please help the needy,
Instead of helping the old and greedy.
We need to go back to olden times,
when the whole town comes when the dinner bell chimes,
when people care about everyone,
And they dont quit until the job is done,
I wish our kids could one day see,
when the world was one big family......

Remember When
Thoughts of running, laughing, playing,
Laying on a blanket just watching the trees swaying.
Playing baseball in the field,
Useing my hands in front of my face as a shield.
Junior high crushes, getting into trouble,
Learning how to shave your legs to get rid of the stubble.
Late nights,
Drunkin fights.
Getting grounded not going anyplace,
Putting pillow under the covers just in case.
Debating weather to stay young or grow old,
Never doing what you are told.
Learning values in your mistakes,
Doing in life what ever it takes.
Living your life day by day,
Taking whatever might come your way.

No time to say good bye
Camping is what they liked to do,
as time went on there love grew,
they would talk everyday,
But one day this went away,
They went out there seperate doors,
and speak to each other would be no more,
they both turned the other cheek,
and for years now they do not speak,
as time slipped by,
his dad did die,
for time there is no more,
to end an unnessasary war,
all there is now is to cry,
no time now to say good bye......

Together forever
The greatest man I know,
comes home every night,
sleeps next to me
and holds me tight,
kisses me softly,
and holds me while I dream,
We always work together,
For we are a team,
We were married 10 years ago,
We've made it throgh evey endeaver,
who knows what will happen next,
But I know we'll be together forever........


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........