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Nikki28's Poetry

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Page 9


Love is unconditional no matter what you might think
Its not something that you can just throw down the kitchen sink
Its something you must do everyday of your life
Even though at times it seems like it can cut you like a knife
Love should be there if you want it to be or not
Its something that should never be forgot
In life today its often times we lose our way
We should all take one step toward love everyday
We forget that we are all one big  family
We may not always get along we may even sometimes disagree
But still the same we are all one
Bound by a love that can never be undone

Rest of our days
I wake upi in the morning light,
feeling like everything is right,
i look over and see you there,
and know that you still truely care,
To know and feel you next to me,
Reminds me when you were down on one knee,
Asking me to bee with you,
then in june saying I do,
Then we had little man,
and all over the house he ran,
Then junior came along,
we knew forever he'd belong,
we thought then that we were done,
for our money she would make us run,
our last one a little girl,
loves to dance sing and twirl,
we have the perfect family,
this everyone can surely see,
Our love is forever and always,
For the rest of our days....

The lost family
With sores on her feet,
she wanders the street,
Her life the cost,
As she searches for the family she lost,
To herself she is unforgiving,
Because its her that goes on liveing,
Every morning at the crack of dawn,
she wakes to realize they are gone,
Everyday her heart gets a little colder,
and her face a little older,
Its time she wishes she could reset,
But its her family she won't forget......


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........