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Nikki28's Poetry

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page 10


Truely mine
The way your hair blows in the breeze,
the way your hands do things with ease,
your lips always a smile,
Even if I havent seen you in a while,
the way you make me laugh everyday,
Its the thoughtful things you say,
Your kindness is more then anyone could be,
Kindness to everyone includeing me,
Its the way your eyes sparkle and shine,
lets me know your truely mine......

Weather Changes
The wind blows,
The thunder grows,
looking like there in attack,
the thunder crashes,
and the lightning flashes,
the rain comes pouring down,
all over this dreary town,
then out comes the sun it peeks its head,
over the clouds and out of bed,
the darkness starts to fade away,
we know it will be back someday,
But for now its sunny and bright,
and won't be dark agian til night,
so as we go outside to play,
thankful that the skys not grey,
Splashing in puddles in the sunlight,
we play outside til it turns night.......

the unglad child
To not go to school is what she refuses,
So she goes everyday with scratches and bruises,
She hides them with her dresses of lace.
At school is where she always had a smileing face.
To go home is what she fears,
She knows it will only bring sorrow and tears.
But she looks forward to school everyday,
Where she can run about and laugh and play.
The bruises someday someone will see,
It maybe you it maybe me.
Will we do something or just stand by?
If we dont she just might die.
Today we must stop this abuse,
For there is never any excuse.
Never should a child be abused by a mom or a dad,
They should always be playful, happy and glad


Every dream is a story waiting to be told........